Read Trickery, Treachery, & Truth
to bring out your inner sleuth.
In the pages, you will find
fortune telling, American Indians, ghosts,
and a short story about a woman
stranded on a sea coast.
The four fictional tales wouldn’t be
complete without thieves and illusions.
Fantasy, action, and mystery will lead
readers to the final conclusion.

Each chapter in Word of Mouth: Five Peculiar Short Stories is told from a different grieving character’s point of view. Brave readers will uncover how the characters are linked and if there is a hero. Each gloomy chapter can be read as a stand-alone story or together to create a greater whole.

The Poetry of an Escapist: A poetry collection with castles, caves, and everything your beating heart craves.

My Heart is Still Beating is a book bursting with poems about dreams and the night. In this poetry collection, Harper Peters takes it easy on readers by giving them decaffeinated dark poetry, a combination of dark poems mixed with love and hope. Can you find your way out of the darkness before the book ends?

You haven’t come to visit,
because you can hold a grudge,
even as a ghost.
I picture heaven as a kinder place,
where you always have a smile on your face.
When we poured your ashes into the ocean,
your favorite place to be,
I saw them form into an angel,
and swim away free.

Poems inspired by phrases we say or hear, such as I’m fine, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it must be that time of the month.

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